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davey warren

Davey Warren is a portrait and fashion photographer living in Toronto, Canada. Davey spent a very long time living in China where he worked for Vice Magazine documenting strange things with his camera and figuring out Mandarin. He returned to Canada some time ago and dove right back into shooting for magazines but shooting portraits and fashion instead. This is Davey’s second feature on herbeautymag, check the first one here.


How did the idea for the series come about?


Good question. I’ve been shooting with Julia for a few years now and we always tend to shoot as the weather permits. Toronto is a difficult town to shoot in for most of the year so I’ll tend to shoot indoors during the winter. For this shoot I knew we’d be shooting indoors so I asked Julia if we could do something with a bit of fantasy to it, hence the bikini in the basement shots.


How do you approach these intimate shoots?


I approach them all differently. If it’s a model I’ve worked with before we can discuss the mood before the shoot and it usually goes as planned. I really enjoy shooting with new models that know my work and will offer new ideas and looks.


Do you always shoot on film?


Yes I do. I prefer film for many reasons especially because it looks better and has more feel.


Is Toronto a place to be for budding photographers/artists?


Toronto seems to be a good place lately. There’s a lot of talent there and everyone in the scene seems to know each other.


What’s next for you?


I’ll continue to shoot ‘intimate portraits’ but I’ve been thinking a lot about doing some documentary photo projects about social issues.

photography: davey warren

model: julia kay