Alexia Turchi

herbeautymag muse

Alexia Turchi is a creative artist born in Rome, with Argentinian heritage. She lives intensely, pouring her feelings into the world through acting, singing and writing. At the moment she lives in Rome where she just finished shooting a film and recording her first EP, due in 2018. These pictures were taken in London, where she lived for five years. London is a second home, a place of thrill, melancholia and creative force, all feelings she tries to capture are in these shots. A model by chance, or as the French would say par hasard, Alexia embodies the face and spirit of the millennial European multitude.


What do you hope to achieve through your art?


Art for me is the only way to speak my truth. I believe we all see the world artistically but we don’t all take that leap of faith committing to live by that vision. My art is grounded in real people that live on this earth, so if anyone empathises or recognises a feeling or an image as their own, I will be happy. Every artistic endeavour permeates with my identity, whether I’m reading a character for the first time or writing lyrics for a song. I always try to convey a strong sense of belonging and personality to my work. Identity is a big theme for me, having lived in different countries, and continuously being exposed to various influences.


Do you think there’s a way for photographers/the industry to capture the female body in a more empowering way?


No more photoshop please! All women and people on this planet are beautiful and perfect in every shape, size and colour. We need to bring back melanin, authentic beauty that comes from within and natural lightning too. Praise character and strength, two aspects of the female image that haven’t been celebrated enough. Just like in film I like to see life in photography, not a glossy representation of what I should look like when I wake up.


Your ideal morning?


Coffee and a book in bed. Warm sun peaking in from the window with him by my side.


Big city life vs. nature & wilderness?


I’m definitely a city girl, culture, coffee, transport are all essentials in my daily life. However water heals me always, in every form and moment of the year; a beach in Tulum where my sister owns a bar is heaven.


What makes you happy and what’s next for you?


Getting emotional over a memory, people in love, a song, a good piece of theatre, an Almodovar film, my family. This year I did a lot of travelling by myself for work, it helped me hugely to reconnect with the woman I am today. Fall in love with the moment you’re at in your life because it’s the best one. I’m excited about my first EP coming out in 2018 and what I might write after answering these questions.

photography: federica barletta & young min kim

muse: alexia turchi