Alone with

bryan lee taylor

Bryan Lee Taylor is a photographer/cinematographer from Austin, TX, who uses a camera to artistically document an often slightly altered reality, focusing on mood, colour, emotion and strange nights. This series is about the loneliness of space, the boredom of time, disappearing into one’s self, choosing to fade away from collective memory but realising that in doing so the internal memory fades as well. Trying not to think … it takes a lot of work to separate yourself from your self.


How did the idea for the series come about?


I think I take the same pictures over and over, so no real idea behind it, just constant existential crisis.


How did the shoot with Stephanie go?


She’s a good friend so it went pretty well.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Men should photograph women like they’re actual people and more than just a body.


What inspires you?


Tumblr blogs.


How would you define beauty?


As a concept to be overcome.


Film or digital?


Film, for me.


What makes you happy?


Tacos and beer.


What’s next for you?


More tacos and beer.

photography: bryan lee taylor

model: stephanie lao