kristine madjare

Kristine Madjare (b. 1987) is a Latvian photographer, living and working in Riga. She works across documentary photography, focuses on introvert communities and complicated life stories. Madjare has studied Photography in Tartu Art College (BA), Estonia and a semester in University of Applied Sciences and Arts located in Hannover, Germany. She has participated in several workshops of International Summer School of Photography (ISSP), Latvia. Madjare has had solo exhibitions Inland at the Latvian Museum of Photography (2016) and Process at the gallery Neputns (2017). She has participated in several group exhibitions in Latvia and abroad, including Together at MVT summer house (2017). Her project Retreat has received The Riga Photography Biennale 2018 Award Seeking the Latest in Photography. In addition to pursuing her personal projects, Madjare works as a freelance photographer, mostly doing fashion and portraiture.


What made you start doing photography?


I started doing photography while I was studying at an art high school. I was attracted how photography can be so creative, artistic, free and at the same time so technically restrictive. I prefer shooting on film. Film slows me down and makes me think and analyze more how I shoot. I become much more confident about the images I create. I like the deepness, sharpness, materiality and colors only the film can create.


How has studying in different countries influenced your style and approach to photography?


I learned everything. At the time when I finished high school we didn’t have a higher education in photography in Latvia so I searched for a place where I could study. It was challenging, intensive and very satisfying experience and an amazing opportunity for me to learn completely new skills being exposed to a new environment and culture. Every country gave me a very different experience and knowledge. Photography in Estonia is very conceptual while in Hannover I learned everything about documentary photography and storytelling, but the best of all of this was mixing everything together and making my own approach.


Where do you usually find inspiration?


I find inspiration everywhere, in everything I do or go or meet, in everyday errors. Also photography inspires me very much. I’m attracted to photography’s ability to cross the time and my ability to influence it. Photography leads me to things and people, and has made me visit so many different places that I would never discover and see unless I was a photographer.


What’s the idea behind this series?


The idea came from one old fashion editorial which I did together with the stylist Julija, and we both wanted to elaborate on it. It is about this double-faced woman, strong from the outside, but very dreamy, gentle inside. A bit mysterious, weird and sad. We shot this story in one huge antique shop in Riga, it is a crazy place, but also a very inspiring location. I like antique things and furniture. Shooting went very smoothly. Julija and Viktorija did a great job and Anna was just very inspiring and extremely beautiful – very easy to work with.


How can we photograph the female body in a more powerful way?


I have always been fascinated by the powerful and confident women and it is very important for me to show this confidence in my work too. I think it is all about the story, attitude and self-confidence.


What in your opinion defines beauty?


Beauty can be anything.


What are your plans for the future?


Right now I’m working on my own personal projects. In April, I’m taking part in Riga Photography Biennale group show. Also I’m going to Iceland very soon. And of course I’ve got more beautiful fashion shoots coming up. I love being in a state of rhythmic change, progression, in the search for something new.