As I Am

Nadine Mrb is a self taught photographer from the Netherlands. She solely shoots 35mm film with her trusted Pentax K1000. Capturing her everyday surroundings, the people in it and her travels is what encompasses most of her work. She refers to her work as her visual diary, her images creating a feeling of freedom and capturing beauty, realness and imperfections.

“I want to capture them as they are.“

How did the shoot with Julia go and how do you approach these intimate shoots?

This was a very informal shoot. Julia and I have worked together before and so we are comfortable around each other. I had some specific locations in mind where I wanted to shoot and so Julia and I just biked around one of my favorite dune areas of The Hague to find some secret little gems. We went back to basics, just the photographer and the model, without any people working on styling, make-up or lighting. When working on such intimate shoots, it is most important for me that the model is fully comfortable. If I haven’t worked with them before we will first go for a coffee to discuss our vision and any limitations or boundaries. This way, once we actually do the shoot the model feels at ease which is very important to me because I want to capture them as they are.

Can we photograph the female body in a more powerful way?

I feel we can capture the female body in many different ways, but what I feel is most important and most powerful, is when the females we are capturing feel powerful themselves. When you have someone in front of the camera who feels powerful in a situation, that will also resonate in the image.

Your ideal morning?

My ideal morning would be a sunny one.

What makes you happy?

Something quite small that can make me very happy, is when the sun sets and the orange reflection of it hits windows in just the right way, lighting everything up and making buildings look so magical. I love cycling around this time of the evening and looking at all the reflections everywhere.

What’s next for you?

I’m always thinking of new things and places to photograph, but it is often not planned and very spur of the moment. I am considering going back to Morocco to continue a series I have already created there as it is such a wonderful place to capture.