Attic's Box

ashley callaghan

Ashley Callaghan is a photographer who likes taking photos and doesn’t like talking about herself. She has been shooting 35mm film for the past 9 months.


How did the idea for the series come about?


A bit of backstory: I’ve shot with Nora many times. She is one of my favourite muses and we create very beautiful work together. Every story we have worked on has had a different aesthetic and I wanted this one to be no different. Nora knows I am a huge fan of light. I seek out good light in any location I shoot, since I shoot film and use exclusively natural light. Some models have started calling me the “light chaser” because of this. Nora instinctively knows this about me and so she automatically began zipping around the house pausing and holding a pose in every beautifully lit spots. She eyed strong light hitting a kitchen cupboard, sat down and leaned away from the light. She knew the light source was strong and it’s overbearing strength would be caught in her body language. So this story came very much from Nora leading the way, chasing around the house, seeking light and in turn me chasing her. This is very unlike most shoots I do, where I usually provide a lot of direction. For this shoot I only provided slight direction, which works for us because Nora trusts and believes in me and I reciprocate that. This was a paramount step for us between muse and artist, which are very much one in the same.


How did your shoot with Nora go?


Every shoot I have done with Nora has been very successful. This story was no exception.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Yes, definitely. I believe I contribute to this movement where women and their bodies and individually are glorified and championed.


What inspires you?


When it comes to creating I am mostly inspired by three things: music, my own emotional experience, and select friends/muses of mine.


How would you define beauty?


Honestly, I really don’t know how to answer this question. I know it when I see it. I know it when I hear it. I know it when I feel it, and when I speak it.


Film or digital?


Film, film, film.


What makes you happy?


When I believe in myself, I am the happiest.

photography: ashley callaghan

model: nora rosenberg