jacek kloskowski

Jacek Kloskowski is a photographer living and working in Warsaw, Poland. Having been photographing for 15 years, he recently discovered his true style, which is a combination of naturalism and spontaneity. Besides taking photos, Jacek is a film editor and screenwriter.


How did the idea for the series come about?


A friend of mine showed Ania the last shoot I’ve done. I heard that she loved it and she asked if I’d be willing to photograph her. Ania is not a model but I was glad because I usually work with regular women. They’re authentic and spontaneous. Ania travelled 2500 km from Barcelona to Warsaw and that’s how we met. We took the pictures in her family home, which is a mixture of generations. We immediately clicked and became friends. We talked a lot. She told me that she is a Beatlemaniac and that her favourite Beatles’ song is Blackbird. Since she was a teenager the lyrics touched her soul very deeply and she found the song so melancholic. And then last year after going through an incredible growing-up journey she realised she was wrong all these years. The lyrics are positive and the blackbird is going to fly, its wings are healed. So she decided to get a tattoo – a feather, a representation of that, a metaphor for overcoming her fears and a reminder of her strength. That’s when I understood that this photoshoot has also a therapeutic significance – celebrating the beginning of a new chapter in Ania’s life. I admire women who aren’t afraid to show their strength and Ania is definitely one of them.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Every woman and every woman’s body is a different story. Her body is her strength, but closing a body into frameworks of insecurities might be overwhelming. I tried to help her through photography because I believe we can transform the insecurities into self-acceptance, but also into art.


How would you define beauty and what inspires you?


In our every day life we are surrounded by beauty. You can even find it in ugliness. From the smell of the freshly brewed coffee to the sight of the smog coming out of the power plants in winter. I find inspiration in all of it, fractures, colours, people, places.


Film or digital?


Film … and digital. Analog can be imitated very well with digital, and I don’t have a problem with that. I went through medium format cameras, 35mm and many types of digital cameras. If I had to choose one I’d say: it’s just a tool. The more important is who’s in front of the camera and what’s the relation between you two.


What makes you happy and what’s next for you?


A lot of things make me happy. First of all, my wife and son. They are my driving force. Then photography and writing scripts, which are hobbies of mine. I’m planning a big photography project about my hometown and its people. I think that’ll be my priority for 2018. Also, a production based on my script will start in January, which will be a debut for me. It’ll be a hard working year.

photography: jacek kloskowski