chris jarvis

Chris Jarvis works in London on all things digital, with photography as his side passion. Chris has been shooting for about 5 years now and he’s carved a slight niche for himself shooting a lot for little lingerie brands. Check Chris’s other feature on herbeautymag here.


How did the shoot with Jess go?


Shooting with Jess was nice and relaxed; every inch she moves makes for a great photo and she’s got good chat – so all the important things!


What is your best advice to those thinking about starting doing photography in 2017?


Shoot as much as you can, with whoever you can and get to know your camera. I don’t think I’d have gotten to learn the ins and outs of a camera if I hadn’t had one with me every single day whilst I went travelling years ago. Nowadays I don’t have a camera at hand with me everyday and it’s such a shame – that’s something I really need to rectify!


Your ideal morning?


A lie in. I don’t like mornings. So it’s worked out great shooting from my home studio as I don’t have to get up and go anywhere and it gets its best light after lunch. Perfect!


Big city life vs. nature & wilderness?


I work in London but moved out to Kent so I get to enjoy both to a certain extent. I love the mix of people, the opportunity and how much happens in a big city and definitely miss being in the thick of it but at the same time it’s nice to be just a stones throw from a forest or the beach.


What are your plans and what’s next for you?


I’m getting to a point where I’m enjoying the results of my photography more and it’s definitely becoming something more for myself rather than trying out things I think I should be doing. I want to keep shooting more film for sure and rely less and less on digital and hopefully work on some kind of series.

photography: chris jarvis

model: jess

clothing: yllin