Lilia Carlone is a photographer and cinematographer based out of Rome. She was born into an artistic family, spending her childhood at the backstage of theatres in between trips from a city to another.

How did the shoot with Carlotta go and how do you approach these intimate shoots?

With Carlotta, it was love at first sight. I was working on a short film as a technician and she was the main actress, I shot a photo of her with my phone while she was acting during the shoot, and when I showed her the photo she was enthusiastic and delighted, even if it was just shot with the phone. After a while I asked her if we could do some photos together. I don’t usually take photos of people I don’t know very well, but everything came so naturally that it felt as if we knew each other since always.

“I am conscious of the power we all have and which we exercise without almost realising it.“

Can we photograph the female body in a more powerful way?

I think that the female body is powerful as it is, we can portray it in infinite ways, it is so beautiful and different. I do not know if there is a more powerful way, but I am conscious of the power we all have and which we exercise without almost realising it.

Your ideal morning?

My ideal morning is to wake up by mistake at dawn and find the rays of the sun coming from the windows, take my camera and shoot that particular wonderful color of the sun which has just sprouted from the horizon. Then go back to sleep until you no longer need it.

What makes you happy?

Love and feeling loved. Doing what makes me feel good and trying to feel the same way to everyone surrounding me.

What’s next for you?

I’m going to show one of my latest work as a cinematographer in an exhibition of fine arts in Rome, I feel so lucky and thankful. And obviously trying to keep my camera loaded and with me everywhere and always.