Olita Klimowicz is a 25-year-old photographer living and working in Barcelona. Originally from Warsaw, Poland she moved to Rome to obtain a degree in Communications and Religious Studies before making Cataluña her home. Her father introduced her to photography when she was still a child and she hasn’t put down a camera ever since. When she’s not out taking photos, documenting the lives of her irreplaceable friends, she’s probably eating something again.

How did the idea for the series come about?

After I asked Carolina to pose for me, we met at her place to discuss details. Upon seeing her room, I instantly knew we had to shoot there – her windows face the Barcelona seafront, so the light in the mornings is just incredible, and all of the walls are painted in different colors. Initially, I wanted to shoot her nude but I was so excited about the space and realizing its full potential, that I picked up a few pairs of bright tights instead, and we played around with all these colorful elements and the lush light that falls in through her windows.

“I want my photography to embody all the beautiful weirdness of growing up.“

What do you hope to achieve through your photography?

I’d like to evoke feelings and emotions. I want viewers to feel like they personally know the people in my pictures. I want my photography to embody all the beautiful weirdness of growing up.

Your ideal morning?

Waking up to sunshine and the smell of pancakes. Mac DeMarco on the speakers. Mimosas.

Your dream person to photograph?

I don’t know if I have a dream person but I have a lot of beautiful, creative friends scattered all over the world that I haven’t gotten around to shoot for one reason or another. I hope I’ll get to work with all of them soon.

What are you most excited about for 2018?

Traveling all of August!