Cold Sunday

cassandra cacheiro

Cassandra Cacheiro is a Montreal film photographer. Lover of curves and natural light, she aims to show the beauty in all types of women. She’s only been a photographer for about one year and a half but plans on bringing her style and delicacy to more projects in the future.


How did your shoot with Diane go?


Amazing, she’s a good friend of mine so it was chill.


What inspires you?


Hot weather, the women in my life, travelling, summer nights in Montreal.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Yes definitely, we shouldn’t be so scared to portray it the way it is, with its attributes and flaws. The media does a horrible job of that so I try to do my part in showing that the female body is beautiful in all its diversity.


How do you like living in Montreal?


It’s a wonderful city, something to love and discover at every corner. There’s always a ton of concerts, art events and festivals especially in the summer. Something for everyone.


Film or digital?




What makes you happy?


The small things, and dogs.


What’s next for you?


Showcasing my work as much as possible. Also, working on a project with one of my friends that started Ayemag. It’ll be a project that talks about the taboos around womanhood, still in the making but it’ll be part photos/interviews with different woman we’ll meet.

photography: cassandra cacheiro