Katja Stückrath is a 21-year-old photographer and a cinematography student. Born in a little village called Rada Tilly in Patagonia, Argentina, she’s currently based in Buenos Aires. Katja is deeply inspired by movies and with her photography work she tries to make people feel like they are watching a frame from a movie.

How did the idea for the series come about?

The idea was to do photos for the brand Anushka Elliot. Delfina is a close friend of ours and she does these kind of fashion shoots often, so we thought of her. I used a different kind of lighting in each look (of clothing) but in most of them, I just played with shadows and silhouettes of flower shapes (just like the dresses from Anushka).

Can we photograph the female body in a more powerful way?

I believe that the female body is a powerful creation. The artists or people can portrait it differently according to their vision and some of these representations show powerfulness straight away maybe because of the woman’s pose or a facial expression but, to be honest, women are powerful creatures as they are.

How would you define beauty?

This is a very hard question and one that I always ask myself too. My concept of beauty changes every time I change because the time passes and I’m getting older every day. This might sound strange but if I think back about my concept of beauty 5 years ago, it’s a way too different than my concept of beauty of today. What still remains though is that I see beauty everywhere where I find confidence and authenticity. Self love, too. But also, I see beauty in light, music, in moments … Beauty is something I can’t explain or answer, you just have to feel it.

What inspires you and what makes you happy?

When it comes to inspiration, my main source of inspiration are the movies I like. Whether for the light or the concept. Music, reading short stories too. I also love seeing online magazines, fashion films, Flickr, and Instagram accounts of course! I’m also very inspired by some colleagues and big photographers as well! We can always learn from each other and it should never become a competition. I’m inspired by life and people around me, situations … It makes me happy to be with friends and family, watch movies, listen to music, take photos, drink coffee, meet new people and see new places!

Film or digital?

Two different things from the same world, both of them have their glimpses. Love them both!

Lastly, what’s next for you?

What’s next? I assume I will carry on with my studies and will try to get a scholarship to study in Paris later this year. Will keep on making photos and fashion stories, and I also hope to meet new people. I really want to travel and find a healthy balance between the mind and the course of life. Start to worry less about the sort of things that don’t matter that much. But most importantly, I want to be happy doing what I love with the people I love!