Delicate as Flower

Micah Miller is a 21-year-old photographer currently living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Micah has been shooting on film since she was a little girl. Her work aims to express raw natural beauty as ‘there’s nothing more empowering than being completely free, emotions and all!’

How do you approach these intimate shoots?

Approaching intimate shoots isn’t always easy, especially if you aren’t very close with the person you’re asking. I always let my models know what kind of work I do and what it stands for. I’ll have them look through some of my photographs. Yes there has been a case where this woman wasn’t very thrilled with it, so I just compromised. I actually ended up trying something new and painting on her back. It ended up being a very thrilling shoot.

Can we photograph the female body in a more powerful way?

I love this question because it has my mind thinking. Yes, of course there is going to be other powerful ways but at the same time isn’t the beauty of it all just simply powerful? We have women who love who they are, love being in the skin they have so they own it. I’m not talking about just tiny beautiful models I’m talking about any women on the planet who love themselves enough to get in front of a camera, emotions and all, and just own who they are.

How would you define beauty and what inspires you?

My answer is going to be a lot of what I mentioned in the last statement. Real beauty in my eyes isn’t how a person looks it’s how a person is. It’s how a person looks when they talk about something they love with passion in their eyes. It’s how a real someone looks after they emotionally pour their heart out. Beauty is the smile of someone who just simply loves life. I feel like society nowadays has a lot of standards on what ‘beauty’ is for women and just people in general. You can’t put a standard on someone if they are just all around a beautiful selfless individual. I always try to capture that raw, undefined beauty in my photographs. Now for the question of what inspires me, I could go on. My father wasn’t around much, so seeing my mother be that strong independent woman that she is, is probably one of the biggest. Another important one is the fact that I have a lot of women message me telling me that my work just simply makes them feel beautiful and strong, and proud to be women. That right there is inspiration enough. Also the work that National Geographic puts out to the world is another huge one for me.

Film or digital?

I do work with both film and digital, however I did grow up using film and I just love the feel of film more. I can’t explain it, it just adds more expression. Plus, I personally feel like a lot of photographers nowadays are more on the digital side, and I always try to aim to be a little different, so film is definitely for me.

What makes you happy and what’s next for you?

I’m a pretty simple person, I love the little things in life like coffee in the morning and the feeling of the sun when it hits my face. Wildflowers growing on a mountain side could honestly probably make me tear up. Traveling is a huge part of what makes me tick. I don’t think anything makes me happier than traveling to places I’ve only dreamt about, while incorporating the natural beauty of whom ever I’m roaming around with. My dog Ziggy is another reason why I smile the way I do. The comfort of my friends and family is one of my happy places as well. As for what’s next for me, California is another one of those happy places for me, so I’ve been saving up my money and will hopefully have my own apartment within the next year. Hopefully close to LA. My dream is to become a professional photographer and help the world, people, even animals, through the power of my images. I am in fact one of those people who think anything is possible. I have a big heart and I just want to help any way I can.