Denim Dazed

uv b

Uv B. is a Philly, PA based photographer that grew up in Harlem and works for brand called The Decades as a promotional photography and web content creator. Uv B. started to take photos just by wanting to make a zine and it’s been an ongoing project since then. She believes that everything should happen naturally and the process of taking photos shouldn’t be staged.


How did you start with photography?


I always had an interest in it but never picked up a camera till last July. I wanted to make a zine featuring my friends and interesting people here in Philly. I bought some disposable ones and started shooting. After that, I found some cameras at a thrift store, just point and shoots, and I’ve been using them for the last few months.


Film or digital?


I prefer film because of the realness of it. Digital is convenient but I prefer film because I don’t own a digital camera. I don’t think I want one. It’s like vinyl records vs laptop, I’ll always prefer vinyl.


What is one thing that makes your process of taking photos special?


I can’t say that I have an actual process but I do like to capture people in their natural state. I like to get people when they aren’t looking a lot or aren’t looking. I try to not to have models I have worked with pose too hard or make faces that they don’t naturally make.


How did the idea for the series come about?


My friend and stylist for the shoot, Jess Schuyler, and I were talking about collaborating for a little bit. We had been exchanging ideas like looks and models we liked so once this opportunity came we decided to implement what we had been talking about into this shoot. She created a mood board which was the denim theme. I chose my friend Erin aka Diamond Girl, who is a dope DJ here in Philly as our muse. My friend Kim Price had access to a building that I wanted to use. It all came together really smoothly. We knew what we wanted to do and it ended up working out really well.


How did the shoot showcased the idea of feminine beauty?


Erin, our muse for the shoot, is a naturally beautiful person so that made it easy. I think a woman can be feminine in less revealing clothing that’s not very fitted which is what Jess and I had in mind when we planned for this shoot. I think we showed that it’s ok to be a little covered up and still be strong and still express beauty and femininity.


What inspires you?


The city I live in for sure, Philly.There are a lot of interesting people here if you look in the right places. Also, I watch a lot of documentaries and one of my favourite things about them are the archival photos that they always show. It’s really important, to me, that things get documented and photos are the best way to do so.


What’s next for you?


Well, I am shooting a couple of look books for The Decades for the spring and summer. Jess and are talking about collaborating again for some summer shoot and I’ve been taking pics for a zine project here in Philly with a really good DJ friend of mine named Jason Hunter. I want to collaborate with as many people as possible throughout the rest of the year and see where it takes me.

photography: uv b

model: erin mccurdie

stylist: jessica schuyler

set design: kim price

wardrobe: katra love