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ken sang

Ken Sang is a 24-year-old photographer, student and a freelancer in the PR sector. He’s based out of Frankfurt, Germany, in a very culturally diverse city that inspires his work. Ken’s always trying to do his best so he is working on establishing a hub for young creatives.


How did you start working with photography?


I started with photography by shooting everything that looked stunning on sight: food, shoes, cars, architecture and the list goes on. After a while I decided to focus on fashion, people and architecture.


What do you prefer – film or digital?


I love them both to be honest but I personally love to shoot on film because one learns to be more observant and disciplined as a photographer by shooting on film.


What inspired this series?


I live in a very culturally diverse city which was the main inspiration behind this series. The main task was to figure out how feminine beauty & body positivity is being viewed in such a diverse atmosphere among women. After doing some research I called some friends, told them some of the ideas I had for the shoot and luckily they were up for it. Shout out to them.


What are your thoughts on feminine beauty?


Feminine beauty to me is a natural feeling/vibe that makes women comfortable with themselves, a beauty that should not be categorised to any sort of ideal or beauty standard per se. It surely inspires me in many ways but what stands out most for me is that it has helped me understand and appreciate different genders in our current society. Femininity is the source of all beauty and it is simple as that.


How do you get inspired by things around you?


I’m inspired by people in general. Everyone has something unique and special to offer, I prefer to see the good in people rather than the bad, as corny as it may sound. Art, music, design and fashion heavily influences my work. I love bringing different genres of creativity together, it is like making a really good cocktail.


What do you enjoy the most in life?


I derive the most satisfaction in life mainly from three things: having lots of fun, honestly saying that I did my best in the end of the day and when I’m able to positively contribute in the growth of my surroundings.


What’s next for you?


My next step is to establish a hub for young creatives like myself which will offer them a platform to get their work recognised and keep each other motivated to create even greater things.

photography: ken sang