herbeautymag muses #2

Dominika Sedlakova is a 21-year-old model from Slovakia. She’s at art school, loves her job and enjoys everything about fashion and clothes. She’s into art, painting, making her own clothes and decorating too. She started modelling at a young age when she was 15 and soon after that she went to Milano. Those first trips were of course quite hard for a kid she was then, but she made it and now it’s getting easier and better every year. Hopefully there’s something big waiting for Dominika in the near future!


How did the shoot go?


The shoot was very natural and comfy. Me and the photographer are from different countries so we hadn’t known each other before, he just wrote me one day and asked me if I’m in Bratislava because he’s coming for a few days to shoot. So I just checked his portfolio and agreed. The photographer chose the location; it was a cute and stylish apartment, so we just got comfortable and shot what was in our heads.


What do you hope to achieve through your modelling?


I can’t say what I want to achieve, because every time I’m at some stage I always want more and grow more … so let’s say that I want to achieve as much as I can.


What are your perceptions of beauty?


For me beauty equals nature. I think all people are born beautiful and it’s just on us how and where we see the beauty on or inside of us and them.

Do you think there’s a way for photographers/the industry to capture the female body in a more empowering way?


I guess yes, the female body should always be treated as an art.


What is your best advice to those entering the industry?


Be yourself and listen!

model: dominika sedlakova

photography: lichterwaldt