Aune Ainson is an Estonia-born visual artist, photographer and painter currently living in Chile. Her work is based on continuous investigation of the body and its identity. Aune is interested in exploring those states where obscurity, desire and impulse dominate, where the body transforms into somewhat androgyne and transversal. It’s a search for new territories, one’s own periphery behind everyday patterns and decoration.

How did the idea for the series come about? 

I wanted to create this series to show a gallery of intimate, but dreamlike fragments that are usually meant to remain behind the curtains. Those are the scenes that one lives in privacy; moments full of silence and fantasy, where eclectic games with imagination and the atmosphere appear. I was also interested to see how one scene or image can be even more erotic and loaded when it’s like fragmented, passing and unfocused flash. Showing by not showing completely, like a hazy and intense dream with blurry borders.

Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?

Absolutely! Starting with erasing common gender and body-size cliches.

What inspires you and how would you define beauty?

Peripheral beings. And people who just keep doing their thing. For me beauty is mostly in distorted and deformed things.

Film or digital?

Both, but mostly digital.

What makes you happy and what’s next for you?

Dancing in my studio while painting. And what’s next? To continue shooting queers all around. And to have a solo exhibition for my paintings next year.