Early Mornings
in the City

ed little

Not art, not fashion, not erotica. Ed’s work sits somewhere on the edge. He isn’t trying to sell you something or turn you on. He’s trying to inspire you. As a photographer he focuses on creating intimate stories to provide a safe space that we can all escape to.


How did the idea for the series come about?


Quite simple really, Louisa approached me through Instagram as she’s friends with former model of mine, G Small, who I shot for Last Daze. She told me about this fabulous roof she had near Bricklane but told me that she was moving out – so we had to shoot quickly. The title, ‘Early Mornings in the City’ is about how some people in the city go to work and others model and take pictures on a fabulous roof.


How do you approach these intimate shoots?


Well most people tend to approach me now which is great! And because they know my work and my style it is relatively straightforward. But the model has to feel comfortable and you need to make sure everything is done professionally and in the right way. My approach is always collaborative and I make sure I send all the images to the models afterwards so that they have control over what is put out.


What was behind your decision to shoot on expired film?


Kodak have closed their factory in North London which has sent the prices for Kodak Portra sky high. However, Mr Cad’s in Victoria was selling expired film at a super cheap price so I decided to try it out.


Is London still a place to be for budding photographers/artists with its incredible expensive rents and the overall cost of living?


It’s difficult – London is an incredible hub of talent and diversity. But you’re right it is a very expensive place to live and work which makes creativity and collaboration – difficult at times.


What’s next for you?


I’m going to do an exhibition and book of my work at the end of the year so currently looking for sponsors, brands and people to work with. Anyone interested – email me.

photography: ed little

model: louisa northcote