olivia lagacé

Olivia Lagacé is a multidisciplinary artist. She works mostly with photography, video, performance and poetry. Through her work, she looks into the themes of intimacy and desire. Olivia cofounded the blog This is Better Than Porn, an erotic poetry and photography project that gave life to three magazines and the theatre performance Cet Endroit Entre Tes Cuisses. She wrote and directed her first short movie last July and has started working on a web series. When she plays Mario Party, her character is Waluigi.


How did the idea for the series come about?


Alexa was one of the performer for the theatre play Cet Endroit Entre Tes Cuisses. We got along, so when I had to shoot for the third issue of the TIBTP mag, I turned to her. She quickly became one of my favourite models, we work really well as a team, maybe because we both like weird things.


How did your shoot with Alexa-Jeanne go?


One of the easiest I’ve done. In my photoshoots, before I find something, I like to try a ton of stuff and poses. If the model is reluctant and doesn’t participate in the process, it ruins the creative mood. With Alexa, it was nothing like that, she understands that it’s important to experience a lot of things before finding the right angle.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


I feel you photograph the world as you perceive it or want to perceive it. So maybe it’s more about changing your perspective. Being conscious of what you put into the world.


What inspires you?


People. For photography, I don’t like to plan my shoots too much, it kills spontaneity and exploration. I get inspired by the current mood and mostly by the models.


How would you define beauty?




Film or digital?


Both for different things.


What makes you happy?


Kindness, birthdays, mushroom risotto, cats & quads.


What’s next for you?


I always like to have a few projects on-going in different fields, that way I never get bored. Right now, I’m writing a script and rehearsing for a theatre play.

photography: olivia lagacé

model: alexa-jeanne dubé