Eiro in the

callum mccormack

Callum McCormack was born and is currently based in Calgary, Canada. He’s been in love with photography and cameras for quite a long time and started practicing seriously about 2 years ago. He hopes to branch out into filmmaking soon and runs a publishing house in Calgary with his good friend Henry called Amgoods.


How did the idea for the series come about?


It started with the location. The Badlands are located a couple hours outside the city, and it’s just an incredible place to spend an afternoon. Feels good to get away from city life and kind of take a step back in time. But mostly we just really wanted to do a shoot with that pink coat (dubbed the ‘furry starburst’).


How did your shoot with Eiro go?


It was great! I’ve photographed with Eiro countless times now and I feel like we keep getting better. She’s very kind and generous and I like to just let her take the lead and see where it goes.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


The male gaze is a troubling thing, and it’s something that is always in the back of my mind since the visual arts are so over saturated with hyper-sexualized portrayals of women. I think the female body is already incredibly powerful, but I think the majority of men are still terrified by it. I think a new way to photograph the body is to just allow the woman to have some fucking agency. It’s insane how entrenched misogyny has become in society. I think most men kind of feel like it’s just primal reverberations that are inherent, but it’s fucked that women grow up with fear and are taught that it’s normal. It makes me really sad. It’s going to take time and generations to dig ourselves out of this hole, but I’ve seen some amazing movements and I have hope that it’ll happen some day.


What inspires you?


Art-wise, music inspires me the most. No other form gives me such an immediate emotional response. My imagination runs wild and I begin to picture things I’d like to make. Besides that I’d say empathy inspires me. People caring for each other. I have a couple friends that are in these beautiful relationships where the care and the love is so palpable. It fills me with warmth.


How would you define beauty?


Beauty is happiness. When someone is happy they look beautiful and they feel beautiful.


Film or digital?


I am one with film. I can’t look at a screen every two seconds. I photograph to practice being present and shooting digital removes me from the moment too much. Plus, I’ve met some incredible mentors and friends from shooting film. The sense of community is really nice.


What makes you happy?


Realising how talented my friends are, going bowling with my family, and eating unreasonable amounts of sushi.


What’s next for you?


I’d like to shoot some fashion editorials and make some more 8mm films. Also, continue to grow the publishing business that my friend Henry and I are running.

photography: callum mccormack

model: eiro

assistants: nicolas hamel & mad young