Elle a Les Yeux

jay aparecida rodriguez

Jay Paulo Aparecida Rodriguez was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was raised in France and discovered fashion and photography when he was a teenager. Jay is influenced by the works of Juergen Teller, Harley Weir, Henrik Purienne and Araki among many others.


How did the shoot with Evangéline go and how do you approach these intimate shoots?


First of all, Evangéline is an artist: she’s a musician and an amazing pianist & singer. She’s hiding a bit of her feminine side in her daily life by driving a big motorcycle but once we started to shoot at her place, I discovered another part of her beauty shining through her eyes. I was playing with the sunset with my Canon analog camera while she was undressing naturally. I felt I was capturing a side of her she doesn’t show to everyone: not just her body, but also her soul.


What is your best advice to those thinking about starting doing photography in 2017?


I will quote Brandon Boyd: ‘Whatever tomorrow brings, open your eyes & open your arms.’ Be open minded, experiment with analog cameras, work & learn about your camera settings before you rush into the digital world. I know it seems super easy for everyone now with the digital revolution, but spending some time with analog cameras will teach you a lot.


Your ideal morning?


An American breakfast and sunshine are the ideal. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen everyday. Also I need to listen to Ce Matin Là by Air every morning when I’m in bed.


Big city life vs. nature & wilderness? 


Big cities inspire me a lot: the architecture, other people’s lives, shops, different languages & cultures. I need diversity to be able to work. Usually we don’t pay enough attention to our surroundings in the big cities. We adapt to the same routine: you wake up, go to work, see your friends/girlfriends and go back home … a super boring and stressful routine!  That’s why we need to travel a lot, and when you come back to your home city, you’ll be able to see things differently. Nature inspires me in another way, to me it means relaxing and getting some rest with my family/girlfriend.


What are your plans and what’s next for you?


With another photographer I’m launching a new magazine called Deja Vu Film magazine. It will be released next January and it’ll be dedicated to film photography, focusing on the nostalgic and sexy retro of the 70’s. Our goal is to develop a film photography culture in France, based on our 70’s vision & concept. Initially it will be an online digital platform, but our goal is to have a limited printed edition in the future as well.

photography: jay aparecida rodriguez

model: evangéline