vivienne mok

Vivienne Mok is a self-taught photographer currently based between Paris, Switzerland and Hong Kong. Originally from the fashion design field, Vivienne had started taking interest in photography while working as a designer for a French fashion house in Paris, before she finally decided to pursue this path instead. Vivienne photographs mainly girls in natural light.


How did the idea for the series come about?


I have been working on a project for a while, featuring red-haired girls, so we shot a whole outdoors series for that project, and after that we did this indoor set, which actually happened quite spontaneously.


How did your shoot with Elsa go?


The shoot with Elsa went really smoothly, and we got along very well. I hope we’ll create more images together soon.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Yes we can photograph the female body differently, away from the ‘stereotype fashion picture’ mould. In my opinion ‘power’ does not need to be really ‘obvious’, it can be there in a subtle and serene way too. I believe power and strength comes with trust, respect and acceptance of yourself and others. I want to portray women in a positive way, natural, without judgement, without artifice, without retouching their bodies and curves, in natural light and in a way that is quite personal. Women are beautiful just the way they are.


What inspires you?


Nature and light, classic paintings, tales, old objects, inspiring kind people, the feminine form and faces and of course the person in front of my lens while shooting.


How would you define beauty?


To me, at times and visually speaking, it is a mixture of harmony and something unexpected/intriguing (like a special feature, a very intense look or something a little awkward/strange in the proportions for example). But beauty comes also from within, and sometimes I see something, someone or a scenery that touches me deeply and to me it is so beautiful.


Film or digital?


I love the look of film, but I haven’t ventured into that technique so far, so for me it’s digital.


What makes you happy?


The simple things make me happy: taking a walk and enjoying the fresh air and scenery, a good meal, moments spent with those you love, spending a cozy evening at home, enjoying what I do … Of course photography makes me happy too as I am able to do what I love, I really enjoy the process of it, as well as the result and being able to meet, exchange and create with so many people through this.


What’s next for you?


Who knows. 😉 But I’m definitely excited about the future!

photography: vivienne mok

model: elsa

lingerie: lolliko