henry acteson

Henry Acteson is a photographer, videographer, and designer currently based in Calgary, Canada. He is an avid film photographer and lover of all things analog. Henry along with Co-Founder Callum McCormack run AMGoods, a small publishing house also out of Calgary. The two are releasing the second copy of their print magazine this summer as well as hosting a print exhibition in September. This is Henry’s second feature on herbeautymag, check the first one here.


How did the shoot go and what was the concept for your set with Emma?


The shoot went really well. It takes place in our shared apartment in Copenhagen. The light shot through nicely around 18:00 during the spring and we basically just grabbed the camera and played with it.


What are your perceptions of beauty and what do you want to achieve through your photography?


Beauty is a moment, and I want to capture moments through my camera. I don’t often feel that I have fully achieved what I wanted with my photography, I think I’m still honing in on what story it is exactly that I want to tell.


What is your best advice to those entering the industry?


Don’t take anyone’s advice, especially mine.


What’s living in Calgary like and what’s next for you?


Calgary treads a line of being my most loved and loathed city. I was born here, my family and friends live here. But it feels limiting at times due to its size, location, and cultural relevance. I hope to be able to continue traveling and shooting while calling Calgary a home base. Just trying to figure out how to make money while doing that.

photography: henry acteson

model: emma mutch