Eva Biechy: hbm muse

Eva Biechy is a French model based out of Paris. We took some snaps and had a lovely chat with the inspirational Eva on a sunny October day in Montmartre. (photos by Matous Sedlak)

How do you approach these intimate shoots?

I think I’m feeling people. As soon as I’m talking with a photographer who wants to shoot lingerie or nude, I can say if they’re the right person. I have many proposals, but I only choose a few of them, when I’m sure I can trust the photographer. I know that it can be dangerous sometimes to go to someone’s place to shoot, someone I’ve never met, but at the first approach I knew that I’m going to be safe.

Your favourite spot in Paris?

I live in the centre of Paris and I think it’s the best place – there are many restaurants, cafés, bars, tiny shops … and I can walk everywhere! Also I’m avoiding the public transport as much as I can.

What would be your best advice to those thinking about starting doing modelling?

Hmmm … I’m going to talk about my own experience. When a young girl asks me if she should be a model, I want to tell her: NO! According to me it’s a hard world, with a lot of pressure, unhealthy cronyism, based only on an image. I’m kind of tired of it, I keep on doing my job because there are still some nice and interesting people. I’ve been a model for about ten years now, it’s a lot! I’ve seen many things and enjoy it of course, but the fact that you never know what’s gonna happen to you in a day, month or a year is stressful. You always have to be beautiful, in shape, healthy, available … it’s almost as if you can’t really live the way you want. To sum it up, if you want to be a model, do it but keep in mind that it’s not all glamour and flakes!

Your ideal morning?

I usually wake up early, drink coffee and eat fruits. If I have a free day I love to work out. A morning workout is the best, I’m feeling strong and confident for the rest of the day. I take a quick shower and I’m ready for the day!

Big city life vs. nature & wilderness?

Big city life for sure! I also like nature but I can rapidly get bored and scared of not knowing what to do!

What makes you happy and what’s next for you?

Travelling, eating, drinking beer and spending time with people I love!! And what’s next? I’m thinking about a new project, but I don’t really want to talk about it before it comes out. I’ll just say that I’m gonna use my brain and my hands to realise it!