First Encounter

stefan legacy

Stefan Legacy is a portrait and fine art photographer based in Edmonton/Calgary, Canada. He shoots most of his work on film and aims to capture a vintage aesthetic with his portraits.


How did the idea for the series come about?


I came about with the idea for the shoot after I came across Christine’s profile on Instagram. I contacted her and we both liked each other’s work so a few days later we did the shoot in my apartment downtown. It was just a fun shoot, nothing too serious. No elaborate hair or makeup, nothing like that. I just captured her being herself.


Can we photograph the female body in a more powerful way?


Yes and it’s confidence from both parties. If the photographer is confident in the model and the model is confident in the photographer, then the outcome is a powerful image. There must be 100% trust on both sides to create the photo you set out to capture. There can be no room for doubt from anyone involved.


How would you define beauty?


I define beauty as something that instantly grabs my attention and leaves me in awe and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a person. Everyday I see beauty in art, nature, architecture, music, the list goes on! If I’m trying to show someone a favourite photo or song of mine, I’m usually hoping that they can see/hear the beauty that I found in it.


What inspires you and what makes you happy?


Damn aha, I don’t want to say this but as cliche as this sounds, life generally inspires me. You’d be surprised how the things you witness day to day as a photographer or the people you meet on a daily basis can influence your work. I think that’s what I like the most about being a photographer, it gives me an opportunity to meet a wide range of personalities and explore new places. That and good music! I can hear a line in a song and envision an entire photoshoot project from it. When you expand your music taste and listen to a wide variety of genres, music can be very inspirational. I think my happiness is created when I’m surrounded by good people and good energy.


Film or digital?


Film. Shooting film pushed me to become a better photographer. Film slowed my shoots down and made me re-analyze what I saw through the viewfinder. It made me rethink my compositions and pause for an extra second before I pressed the shutter button. Without being able to see the image instantly, film made me create the final image in my head and pushed me to be a perfectionist with my shoots. As time passed I got very meticulous over the small details, especially the background details whenever I shot film. However I do shoot a little digital from time to time though! It’s good to have both formats at your disposal.


Lastly, what’s next for you?


I actually like to keep most of my big photography projects a secret. I prefer to plan, shoot and then release (sometimes I do shoots that I archive and never release) rather than announce what I’m doing next.

photography: stefan legacy

model: christine