jorge caracheo

Jorge Caracheo is an industrial designer born in Celaya, Mexico. He’s always been passionate about photography, but had never seen it as a profession until he finished his design college. Since then he’s dedicated his life to creating stunning images. In the commercial world he works with his partner in a studio doing product photography and fashion, while Jorge’s personal work focuses on portraying feminine beauty. This editorial is part of Jorge’s personal project called Ay Mamita on which he’s been working for 3 years. It is a series of portraits of beautiful girls taken with analog and digital cameras (check it out it here)!


How did your shoot go?


Very well, Giedra is a very good model, we connected almost immediately and I love the final result.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


The female body is already very powerful. I let it be and portray it as it is flowing.


What inspires you?


Almost everything, principally films. I love all kinds of films.


How would you define beauty?


For me beauty is that strange magic that everyone and everything perceives in different ways. It is so personal. For me there are many things that are beautiful and for anyone else maybe not.


Film or digital?


I use both, I love using film for my personal portfolio and when I use digital I try to do it with a limited number of shots. It’s a good way to train the eye.


What makes you happy?


Travelling makes me happy.


What’s next for you?


Keep shooting and showcasing my work in any ways possible.

photography: jorge caracheo

model: giedra virbickaitė