Golden Light

vivienne mok

Vivienne Mok is a self-taught photographer currently based between Paris, Switzerland and Hong Kong. Originally from the fashion design field, Vivienne had started taking interest in photography while working as a designer for a French fashion house in Paris, before she finally decided to pursue this path instead. Vivienne photographs mainly girls in natural light. This is Vivienne’s second feature on herbeautymag, check the first one here.


How did the idea for the series come about?


My favourite time of the day for outdoor shoots in open spaces like by the sea is around sunset (or sunrise), during the ‘golden hour’. Luna and I had also been meaning to work together for a while, but we were both traveling a lot, but finally we managed to meet up while we were both in Hong Kong. So this story was shot in Hong Kong, on two different days. I love the mood by the sea at sunset, and we wanted to create an atmospheric story together.


How do you approach these intimate shoots?


Luna is someone who is very comfortable with her body, but I still thought it was quite brave of her to pose nude and topless on location. Hopefully there were very few people there. There were some people who came to shoot the sunset and landscape that day but they ran away when they saw us haha. For outdoor shoots it can be tricky to do nude or partially nude pictures, as it can be rather uncomfortable if there are people around (even if the model is fully dressed), I always try to go to places that are rather isolated or harder to reach to have enough privacy, but of course I can’t guarantee there won’t be any people passing by. Outdoor shoots can also be uncomfortable and challenging for the model (and photographer), with the heat, mosquitoes and bugs, hard and spiky surfaces etc, so it’s important that we are both a little adventurous and very motivated to create beautiful images together. Shooting indoors is another story, the atmosphere is already more private and comfortable, it’s mostly just important to communicate well together but there are less ‘distractions’.


What do you hope to achieve through your art?


For me photography is a form of expression, I want to depict my vision of beauty, and portray the natural beauty of girls and women. I love atmospheric and timeless shots and portraits, and I hope that my images can speak to the viewer and tell stories.


What is your best advice to those entering the industry?


To stay true to oneself. To keep on trying. And to enjoy it of course. 😉


What’s next for you?


Not sure but I’m very excited to see what’s next for me too.

photography & styling: vivienne mok

model: luna