Cary Fagan is a Fine Arts photographer originally from Arizona, but living most of his life in Houston, Texas. Cary is now traveling the world seeking new beginnings. Film photography became an interest after he discovered the works of Tamara Litchenstein and Gordon Parks.

How did the idea for the series come about?

I had done research before coming to Malibu, seeking the model I wanted to shoot with. Brittany came to mind, she fits the roll beautifully. Her hair and the ocean are my favourite contrast.

Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?

Yes we can.

What inspires you?

Lately happiness has inspired me, all the people around me, the new things that I’ve been getting into lately; the simple things.

How would you define beauty?

Weird, obsessive, interesting.

Film or digital?


What makes you happy?

My teammate, my close friends, my mind.

What’s next for you?

A LARGE amount of new work …