Good Girl

mariah hamilton

Mariah Hamilton is an analogue photography enthusiast that cares about the authenticity of the image. She’s stepping outside of the norms by choosing different creative outlets and making her shoots unique.


How did you become interested in photography?


Oh man! I think my interest in photography started when I was in elementary school and was given disposable cameras from my parents to take photos of me and my friends at school. From there I started borrowing digital cameras from my parents and uploading images to websites. Back then it was about Friendpages then Piczo, and eventually Myspace, etc. It sounds funny now, but this is probably where it all started.


Film or digital?


Film 100%. Although digital makes a lot of sense sometimes, I have never felt fuelled creatively to shoot any project digitally. Living in such a digital age, it’s nice to work with a medium that has some sort of physicality. Film to me is nostalgic, it has magic, it has a particular feeling.


What do you usually focus more on, the image content or quality?


Content! Who cares about the image quality if the images are boring, right?


How did the idea for the series come about?


This series was a collaboration between myself and some other amazingly creative women in my life! One of my friends, Chelsea, has a vintage clothing business called The Mermaids Purse. She has been talking and dreaming about doing a vintage lingerie shoot for so long and we were finally able to arrange something this past February. We have another friend, Alexis, who is a full time MUA and loves working with creatives. It’s crazy because we have all been friends for 10 years now. We actually found Veronica, the model, on Instagram. We wanted to work with a model who was excited and felt confident about the clothing. Veronica was super on board. We also loved her pink hair and thought it would look so perfect in the photos. I love how dreamy and retro the images came out. I think the film really emphasised these things. All the lingerie we shot was super fun. This shoot really wasn’t your typical dark and sexy lingerie type of shoot that I kinda see all the time. The images are fun, unashamedly girly and at the same time really powerful.


How can we photograph female body in a more powerful way?


Photographing models is actually pretty new to me, so I think about this a lot! Creating a supportive atmosphere is important. Using WOC or ‘non-model’ models is also another crucial thing we can do as photographers. Giving women a platform to feel beautiful and collaborate in the making of images, is one of the most beautiful things that I get to be a part of. I want to make images that empower not only the models I work with, but also all the other women that are viewing these images.


How would you define beauty and how does it inspires you?


For some reason there’s a very particular one form of beauty that we have been very overly saturated with. I’m not sure when it became this way but I would really like to see this change. Because of platforms like Instagram, I think we are seeing a lot of non-traditional models come up, and for me, that is the most exciting thing! When I see people of all different types get representation, I feel super inspired.


What’s next for you?


So far, working and collaborating with lots of different artists and models has made me super happy! I want to continue working on projects where I can shoot women of all different types of standards of beauty.