kate hook

Kate Hook is a 27-year-old photographer based in Birmingham, UK. She’s passionate about analog photography, her collection of books and magazines and has her own Youtube channel dedicated to film photography.


How did you become interested in photography?


It has always been in my life growing up. I took more of an interest when I was around 14, I originally started with film but messed around with digital more. I got more into film photography after college and started to experiment with it more and more as I got older.


Film or digital?


Film! I grew with it and I will die with it. Digital is great to learn the basics with and broaden the creative horizon for myself and so many others. But you are not a proper photographer until you get to grips with some celluloid goodness. With all the apps and presets you can download, you can’t ever truly recreate the look of film on digital. Fake dust or whatever on digital pictures and video makes me cringe.


How the idea of a Youtube channel came up? Why photo community on Youtube is growing so fast?


I tend to collect books and magazines about creative film photography which are normally from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Back then people were doing loads of film photography, especially the creative stuff, but the internet wasn’t really a thing so there was no big platforms to share pictures. Think about it, people used to physically share their photographs with each other and maybe get published in a magazine if they were lucky. Now social media is growing like crazy, photographers are connecting with each other more. I can see the most gorgeous photographs from Australia, America, Japan etc in an instant, which would have been a crazy thought a few decades ago. I believe it’s because photographers, especially analog photographers, don’t want film to die out. So we share our tips and tricks to help grow and encourage the film photography community, it is sort of a beautiful thing if you think about it.


How did the idea for the series come about?


The model is my lovely friend Holly, she has posed for me a few times over the last couple of years and she’s just brilliant to collab with. I wanted to make something colourful, fun, sweet, create something a little different and playful. I like to create characters, a mood, a story with models. With these pictures it was about a simple telling of sweetness of the female creature.


How can we photograph female body in a more powerful way?


First of all – less editing. I find it sad when girls feel like they got to alter the way they look for the sake of a selfie. As women we gotta embrace our flaws, not fake perfection. Nothing and no one is perfect. So by all means – get your tits out, cover them up, whatever makes you as a female feel good. But please don’t use the liquify tool to slim down or plump up. Keeping it raw and unedited is a pretty powerful thing to me.


How would you define beauty and how does it inspires you?


Beauty is so much more then what you say; it’s something you feel too. I’m the type of person who can unearth the beauty in the most unfamiliar and unlikely of places. Beauty inspires me almost all of the time in my everyday life, I always seem to find it even when I’m not always seeking it.


How important in your work is image quality? What do you usually focus more on – the image content or quality?


Both. But I think it’s silly when photographer’s talk more about their costly gear over the stuff they enjoy to photograph. You find what works for you. The camera is only as good as the photographer using it. I never take pictures of nothing or just for the sake of it. If it catches my eye, then I’m photographing it! Be it planned or spontaneous.


What makes you happy and what’s next for you?


Working, working and more working. I plan on making a lot more videos for my YouTube channel, Film Freek, and keep evolving as a photographer. I want to move more into cinematography, so that’s something I’m looking forward to doing in the future. And what makes me happy? My loved ones, trips to the photo lab, and beautiful early mornings.

photography: kate hook

model: holly