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raul smith

Raul Smith is a 27-year-old self-taught photographer from Venezuela. His life motto is to ‘take pictures, drink beer and don’t think too much’.


How did the idea for the series come about?


As most of my shoots go, I just tend to improvise, I like to adapt the shoot to the moment, girl, location and the wardrobe, if any. I went in and just winged it.


How did your shoot with Adriana go?


It was a quick shoot, 40 minutes or less, because we both had other things to attend. But she’s something else, I think she’s one of my favourite models to this date. She’s an actress, so she has that quality to get in that set of mind on command; at one moment we’re talking and laughing and in a heartbeat she was a different person.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


I’d like to think so, or at least I try to, as most people try to over-sexualise the female body. I get it, women are the most beautiful and sexy things in this world, but there are another ways to convey it. Women are complex beings so where is the case for being basic and just show a girl nude with no history or concept? I think that with a little more subtlety, reading the mood or simply by letting her be herself on the shoot, you can get better and powerful results instead of shooting a girl naked for the sake of it.

What inspires you?


I get inspired by all kind of stuff, but I’m a huge film fan, so I tend to look for movies, quotes, music videos, great directors. Also I’m always on social media, so I get a lot of inspiration out of the photographers that I follow.


How would you define beauty?


The thing I find myself looking for in terms of beauty is ‘being yourself’; I think the real beauty comes from attitude.


Film or digital?


If I have to choose I’ll always pick Polaroid, but most recently I’ve fell in love with the freedom and options that digital photography gives you.


What makes you happy?


I’m a really straightforward kind of guy so I don’t overthink things and just like to live in the moment, so nothing makes me happier than having a beer with a friend, grabbing a bite to eat, or just by doing nothing haha.


What’s next for you?


Well I’ll be moving out of the country (Venezuela) in a couple of weeks, so the next thing for me is to try to make a name for myself in this new venture. As I said before I like to stay in the moment, so I don’t tend to plan ahead much, that’s why I really don’t know what’s the next step. Just one thing is clear for me, I’ll keep shooting girls.

photography: raul smith

model: adriana parisca