Home with Sam

Lawrence Fafard is a 24-year-old photographer born and living in Montréal. She’s always been passionate for images but her real first meeting with photography was only about 3 years ago. Her work has since developed into an endless exploration of the women bodies, faces, expressions and ways of being.

How did the idea for the series come about?

I’ve known Sam for a while and it felt like reuniting. It is always such a pleasure to shoot with her, her energy is contagious and she feels really comfortable in front of the camera. She came to my new place and we decided to inaugurate my new apartment as I didn’t have the chance to shoot at home since I’d moved in. Everything felt so natural, we had so much fun while shooting.

What do you hope to achieve through your photography?

Having a particular attention to the aesthetic, what’s beautiful and neat, it is definitely with honesty and spontaneity that I treat each and every subject. Indeed, nostalgic but sweet, the essence of my work is based mainly on the sincerity of the process involved. Somewhere between dream and reality, I wish to propose an achievable idealism without standard, without limit.

Your ideal morning?

Waking up next to my lover, cooking great breakfasts, cuddling my dog.

Your dream person to photograph?

I think it wouldn’t be a particular person. I’ve always dreamt to be able to live with a beautiful woman whom I could shoot at anytime of the day, doing any basic thing. Just being able to document the everyday life of some lady I find gorgeous.

What are you most excited about for the 2018?

Focusing more on my career as a photographer, diving head first in that huge but beautiful field. Definitely a bit terrified, but really excited at the same time.