aaron baltimore

Aaron Baltimore is a French photographer based in Paris. He gets inspired by movies and erotism, as well as travelling as much as he can. Aaron started to work with photography because of music – he was a member of a band and did all visual things for them.


How did you approached this shoot?


I usually start with clothes. Then comes the mood and music. Atmosphere follows next. Eliya is a stunning French model, so it was really easy to work together. I wanted to do a simple shoot to show all of her sensuality.


Why did you choose to use film and digital camera?


I used both – for digital photos a Canon 5D Mark II and for film photos a Canon Ae1. I chose to use both because a film camera can sometimes give more magical results.


How do you showcase feminine beauty in your work?


I play with curves, lights and angles. For me, it’s very important to create a mystery to keep a space for imagination. Then I like to show both – before and after.


What’s next for you?


I’ve planned a long road trip to Asia so I could shoot a lot there.

photography: aaron baltimore

model: eliya