Hungry Ghost Moon

Jenny Marie Hviding is a photographer based in Oslo, Norway, and this series is an artist portrait about Danielle Brogden, a singer songwriter in kildaphew, an Oslo based band. Jenny and Danielle wanted to portray the positive sides of being young creatives, the aspirations and all that it comes with. 
It’s about believing in yourself but staying humble, staying focused, having a strong ‘futurevision’ and a plan. But also about being able to play around in the now and not worry and contemplate about the how’s and why’s of the future. To have a healthy mind with open sensors. 
To honour the lightness of being visually creative; the meeting between a musician, model, dancer and two writers. To honour the positive way of thinking, and the oh so true saying ‘you just gotta have some faith’. Through conversations while walking in Oslo by night, Jenny and Danielle captured these moments of contemplations and they hope to inspire others to keep on going with what they are doing creatively.