Hypnotic Louise

Eloïse Labarbe-Lafon (aka Bambi Mist) is a 21-year-old photographer from France. Eloïse grew up in Toulouse (Southern France) but for the past 2 years she’s been studying art history in Paris. She only shoots film.

Can you tell us something about your art?

I like to find shiny/sparkly/transparent/plastic clothes to dress my models in, and then I create a calm and beautiful atmosphere to capture a moment that is actually quite planned. I like to invent stories, to create my own little world, with weird postures and attitudes that I ask from my models and I like using coloured lights and magic filters on my lens. I feel safe in my little plastic world, this is my protection from the real world, my comfort zone. In real life I see the world so dark and sad; so when I take a picture I like to colour everything, maybe excessively. I guess that’s kind of my own therapy. For my series I like to discover atypical and captivating girls. And I find amazing to be able to meet so many fascinating people through photography, to be capable to fix their soul on my film.

How did your shoot with Louise go?

I had never met Louise before this series. I came to her place with my camera and a few rolls, and we instantly had a good chemistry! I showed her all the stuff I brought and I saw that we were on the same page. She is such a talented model, and also an artist. This series is quite simple, I think this was the initial approach, a way to learn a little bit about each other. She’s such a lovely and spontaneous person, and she has the power to absorb the spectator with her deep blue eyes. I loved the way she posed and I had almost nothing to do in terms of directing her. She was really into my weird ideas – white eyes, a knitted thing on the face – and we got along well. I love how her hair is different on each picture, it goes to grey to blue, passing by purple and green … Such a hypnotic little tattooed mermaid. We will definitely shoot together again in the future, but this time using neon lights, in an environment that I’ll take time to create.

Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?

I think that the female body is already a very powerful image in itself. Women are strong and beautiful. Every woman. And this aspect is especially shown when the photo hasn’t been photoshopped, when women are just themselves. And I think that the fact of showing the female body in a more powerful way is also about the connection between the photographer and the model. Together we can decide what to show to the world, what aspect of the woman.

What inspires you?

Melancholia in people’s eyes. Or maybe this is just my vision of the world that is impregnated with nostalgia.

How would you define beauty?

I feel like beauty is everywhere. And I like to find it where other people can’t see it. Everyone has his own definition of beauty.

What makes you happy?

Movies, books, shadows, and coloured lights.

What’s next for you?

This question is creeping me out. I’m gonna follow my studies, learn as much as I can, see plenty of movies. And I have tons of photo/painting/drawing projects to do!