I Let Love In


ERRESULLALUNA and Chuli Paquin have lived and worked together in Parma, Italy, since 2012. Their pictures capture a symbolic moment when the models are no longer themselves, but become performers of their ideas and stories. They are fascinated by mythological issues, classicism and consciousness; by the banal equivalence of every human body and their paradoxical uniqueness.


How did your collaboration started? It seems to be pretty unusual. How did the idea about Erresullaluna + Chuli Paquin came about?


Chuli: We’d been a couple in real life before we were working together. But we started creating together quite soon, as we both have a passion for photography and many other common interests. Then everything followed.


ERRESULLALUNA: Our collaboration started naturally — what Chuli was studying or what we were talking about together deeply influenced my photographic work quite often, so I quickly understood that it wasn’t my work but ours. Of course our roles and the works have evolved through the years, and now we are totally interchangeable.


How’s it different from working alone?


When you work alone you have more freedom and maybe you’re more at ease in experimenting. Working together implies an ethical and spiritual bond with another person. For us, there’s no “what I want to shoot or study”, but only what is alike to our common path. So when your work as a couple, the most difficult problem is to be in constant search for a balance. On the contrary, to be able to have a direct and frank discussion, to get advices and inspiration from a person you deeply trust, this is inestimable.


How did the idea for this shoot come about?


Chuli: There wasn’t any idea actually. It was a bad moment for me and so it was for ERRE, as a consequence. I couldn’t sleep so I didn’t do that for 3 nights. Meanwhile I worked so much more than I actually could. I was about to explode and I did. So ERRE convinced me to get in the car and he brought me in this hidden natural place. We have been there before, but this time it was special, cathartic. Then everything happened without any planning or supervision – I and Francesca just swam and walked and ERRE took some shots. The water was so freezing that somehow it forced me to wake up. When I saw the result I was astonished, because I’d have never expected such a beautiful thing. I decided to title this I Let Love In, because it sums up what I needed to do to feel better. It’s a very personal work.


What do you think about empowering women through photography?


We live in a time of changes. Hopefully, we’ll be able to break down all mental and physical walls. There are more and more women asking themselves what they really want, breaking out from the logic of imposed roles. Often photography is a way to say “I am this determined human being, I exist in my own way, I create and I express myself in the purest freedom, beyond the restrictions of society and beyond the way others expect me to act”. Moreover, photography is an important tool for learning about yourself, to acquire control over your body and to build self-confidence. Women, start taking photos of yourselves, with consciousness and love.


What are you planning to do next? Are there any exhibitions or projects ahead for you?


We’ve been working on a new theme for some months and this work is getting us busy for the next months too. Everything is taking shape and we’re quite excited about what will come. Meanwhile, and outside of Italy, we’re going to Paris next October for the Young International Art Fair.

photography: erresullaluna

models: chuli paquin & francesca