Inside out

Not art, not fashion, not erotica. Ed Little’s work sits somewhere on the edge. He isn’t trying to sell you something or turn you on. He’s trying to inspire you. As a photographer he focuses on creating intimate stories to provide a safe space that we can all escape to.

How did the shoot with Tytiah go?

Superb. Tytiah is understated, yet a badass and very talented. When’s she not modelling she’s casting for an assortment of fashion brands, music directors and even some of my commercial shoots – so when it comes to shooting with her she knows what to do which makes my life easier.

What is your best advice to those thinking about starting doing photography in 2017?

Practice, practice, practice – refine your style and then get known for that style. It’s hard to get noticed in a world where almost everyone is a photographer (or claims to be). It helps to have a certain style or a certain way of shooting so that you stand out and get recognition.

Your ideal morning?

Either breakfast in bed or shooting as the sun rises with a beautiful view.

Big city life vs. nature & wilderness? 

The grass is always greener right? I live in the city and love it but I do love nature and the wilderness. I love the quiet and lack of ‚noise‘ that can become all-consuming in big city life.

What are your plans and what’s next for you?

I’ve been planning an exhibition all about our obsession with instagram accompanied by a book launch and a limited edition t-shirt series, which is quite exciting. Aside from that I’m looking to do more fashion photography and develop my style further. I want to work with more designers and produce some really inspiring work so we shall see how that grows and develops.