david díez

David Díez is a photographer and art director based in Madrid who focuses on the search of pure beauty, a kind of beauty devoid of any trace of political, social or cultural content. Along with his team they put that search into practice for both personal and professional projects, using Photography and Geometry as their main languages.


How did the idea for the series come about?


I’ve been obsessed with capturing body details since 2013, so every time we set a shoot I ask the model for a couple of these takes. They do not work good with everyone, but Jen has a great combination of clean skin tone and texture with a unique body shape.


How do you approach these intimate shoots?


Most of the time people approach us first for a shoot. We talk a bit, share references and make sure we are on the same page regarding our approach to the naked body. Everyone has to feel relaxed when we shoot, both the model and myself, feeling free and fearless to try new things and play along. I hate when that’s not the case because it could get very tense. Jen was a really fun playmate, proposing situations and feeling pretty comfortable with her own body in front of me. I fed her with three ice-cream cones so I guess she was happy.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Well, I do think so. I have my own personal view and despite the fact that I’m always trying different approaches and perspectives I keep on ending up on the simplest details. I feel that the human body reacts amazingly to light, and usually I find that to be more powerful than the rest of the contents around. That’s why I take them down and just focus on those details, often even taking faces and backgrounds out of the frame.


What inspires you?


Simplicity and its beauty. Also artists that keep a coherent line of work.


How would you define beauty?


‘It is (beauty) the main expression of the bond between us and the world. Within beauty its complexity and fullness are revealed, and that is our only path of knowledge’. I read this quote last week in an interview with a gardener and it felt like someone else was talking my mind out.


Film or digital?


Digital so far. I’m a self taught photographer and not a very patient one, so being able to check the immediate results of my trial and error process has been important for me. But who knows, recently I bought a film camera that I might start using. New ways are always welcome.


What makes you happy and what’s next for you?


As long as I’m working on my projects or creating new stuff I’m happy. That’s why we hardly take a break at my studio. My crew makes fun of this and always hashtag me with #nopuedoparardecrear (#icanstopcreating). We are working on several projects right now, but maybe what makes me the happiest is a release of my two new photo books this fall.

photography: david díez

model: jennifer mars

photo assistant: claudia lópez