Jiahe Zhang: hbm muse

Jiahe Zhang is a 20-year-old model from China. She moved to Bournemouth when she was 11 years old. She still lives in Bournemouth and studies Illustration at the local university. Jiahe is with Anti-Agency London. Photography & interview by Rosie Foster.

How long have you been with Anti-Agency?

I have been with Anti since December.

Were you scouted or did you apply?

Slid into them DMz.

How is modelling for you?

Modelling is such a fun job to have, I like it a lot most of the time, It also pays the rent and bills so can’t complain.

What has been your best shoot so far?

The best shoot so far was probably with my boyfriend. It was a fashion story for contributor mag and we shot it before we were together. It was a super chilled shoot where there was no stylist or mua, so I was really in my comfort zone and I particularly liked the fact I was able to really be involved in the creative process.

Do you every find it scary going to places you’ve never been to meet a bunch of people you’ve never met? (especially if one of them is a heavily pregnant sweaty woman and her weird 4 year old kid? e.g. me)

Hahah, no I’m kind of a goon anyway, I can’t really say that I care about making a twat out of myself to be honest so meeting new people is never too scary. Although depending on everyone’s banter level, some shoots are harder to feel completely at ease.

How did you find our shoot?

The shoot with you was great! It was so chilled plus Harry [Rosie’s kid] is a mega babe!

What would your dream modelling job be?

Modelling underwater as a mermaid with dolphins.

Who are your favourite photographers at the moment?

I love Petra Collins‘ work. I also recently went to see the Wolfgang Tillman exhibition at the Tate which was so so good, 10/10 would recommend to a mate.

What inspires you?

Funny people, happy people, people who are kind, people who are open minded. Good people.

What do you aspire to be?

That’s a super hard question! Erm, I guess for now I aspire to get organised, to be content with my life and make work that I am really proud of.

How can we photograph the female body in a more powerful way?

I think in today’s society, we are so used to seeing images of the naked female body in sort of made up situations and environments that they kind of lose their effect in a way. I think to truly capture a powerful photograph of the female body, the woman should feel completely in her comfort zone where she feels 100% relaxed and in control.

How would you define beauty and how does it inspire you?

Beauty for me is about being happy, kind and confident. Anyone I meet who is that inspires me.

What makes you happy and what’s next for you?

Watching anime and eating all the food with people that I love, nothing beats that to be honest! I have a few personal projects which I plan to stuck in this summer, exciting times.