Danny Lane is a New York–born and raised actor and photographer currently living in LA. Danny lives with his girlfriend and his dog. He’s a cancer and drives a Subaru and listens to records. Lately, he’s been painting a lot. He’s tall and thin and loves movies a lot.

How did the shoot with Jordan go?

We had very dim, warm lighting. But we made it work – Jordan is really cool and really pretty. Does anyone ever answer ‘bad‘ to this question? You ask this first every time, right? The shoot went well of course! Why would I send it to you otherwise? My scanner is acting up big time – sorry the quality is really messy and blotchy. There is something about it I like – but you know.

What do you hope to achieve through your photography?

I hope to achieve a well-balanced communication between myself, my subject and my camera. The three of us working in a natural harmony. Comfort comes to mind. I want my photographs to seem comfortable even if they are clumsy. Comfort that transcends shape. The state of comfort more than the look of it. I became very interested in painting recently and my pictures have changed as a result. I think of the frame more so as a canvas now …

Your favourite spots in LA? 

Oh. My apartment is my favorite spot in LA. For sure. What else? Me and Clare live in Silverlake. It’s a nice neighborhood. We go to Dinosaur coffee a lot since it’s a 30 second walk from our apartment. I also like going to Pasadena. The mountains make a cool backdrop, it’s not as dumb as the city, the air feels a bit more crisp.

Your dream person to photograph?

Would love to photograph Woody Allen! I want to talk to him about movies / ask him to cast me in his next one …

What are you most excited about for the 2018?

Further figuring out my purpose for being here in Los Angeles …