aleiza muñoz

Born in Arizona but raised across the border in the town of San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Aleiza Muñoz considers herself to be a freelance photographer. Aleiza is 24 years old, and although it’s been only around 2 years since she bought her first camera, she hasn’t stopped since.


How did your shoot with Karolina go?


Karolina is a long time friend, so shooting with her went smoothly and naturally. I really loved working with Karolina, she has a sort of a Jeanette Dimech air to her.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Yes, I think it just has to do with what one wants to portray through it.


What inspires you?


People who push you and make you keep going forward with your interests. The internet, anime, femininity. I find inspiration in many things. I just take what the world throws at me and use that.


How would you define beauty?


Beauty is subjective. For me being yourself is beautiful. The way someone speaks or does something. I just think everyone perceives beauty differently.


Film or digital?


Both. I can’t decide. I started off with digital but now I’ve been using my film camera a whole lot more lately.


What makes you happy?


This moment. Being featured for the first time is really exciting and makes me so happy. Holding new prints and film make me extra happy too.


What’s next for you?


Hopefully lots of new things related to my work. I’m in the process of having my own studio so I’m ecstatic about that.

photography: aleiza muñoz