daphne nguyen

Daphne Nguyen is a 19 year old freelance fashion photographer, fruit lover and dreamer from Sydney, Australia. In her second year of a Commerce Double Degree at The University of New South Wales, she spends days off floating around streets and alleyways, constantly finding new inspirations. She’s just another new kid on the block holding on to big dreams.


How did your shoot with Kymberley go?


It had been raining all morning and we (myself and the stylist Nicci) were so close to pulling the plug on this shoot. There were miscommunications and the makeup artist thought we were cancelling and did a 180- but i’m so glad we went ahead anyway because Kymberley was gorgeous; just bare skin and a natural glow. The clouds actually broke and the showers stopped for a good 2 hours, giving us just enough time to wrap it up. The heavens actually started to open again towards the end of our final outfits and so we moved it inside, but the soft light through the window was amazing.


What is it like to be a photographer in Sydney?


It’s pretty chill, having the city and the surrounds in the palm of my hands is always handy when it comes to finding interesting locations, I’ll literally be doing one shoot and scouting locations for the next between travelling.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Definitely, there’s so much more to the female body than what the media portrays it to be and I hate airbrushing or removing flaws because it just isn’t real any more.


What inspires you?


I love anything that has its own character, anything thats naturally odd. I’ll use whatever I have on hand and just learn to work with it. My favourite prompt is ‘do whatever’ haha.


How would you define beauty?


Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, there’s definitely no singular definition for it and it exists in everything.


Film or digital?


One of my goals this year is to grab a dank film SLR and just shoot the hell out of it. I love how film is so real, how it captures things exactly as they were meant to be; no post-editing, no airbrushing, just love.


What makes you happy?


Oranges and fruit.


What’s next for you?


I have no plans, the most I can do is hope that the ball keeps rolling. I’ll just keep shooting!

photography: daphne nguyen

model: kymberley brooke

stylist: nicci dimblon