maite pons

Maite Pons is a photographer from Barcelona. She recently moved from Berlin to Melbourne, where she is currently based. She started taking pictures at a very young age and never stopped. She likes to portray women and focus on femininity.


How would you define beauty?


To me, seeing beauty in someone is to appreciate something unique they have that makes them shine. Finding beauty has more to do with one self than with others.


How did the shoot go?


It was great. We were shooting at the house where I was living at that moment and we were just talking and taking pictures. A very relaxed morning. I like photoshoots to be fun.


What do you love about photography?


Photography is to me, first, like a safe way to experience the world in different ways, and an easy way to express myself. It also helps me to freeze time by capturing moments that are important to me.


Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?


Always. There is so much beauty in women, not just in our body but in everything that being a woman represents.


What inspires you?


Femininity, girlhood. That is one thing. The other big inspiration is the immensity of nature compared to how tiny we people are, yet how important and special we consider ourselves. I like to think about that.


What do you like to portray through your art?


Everything that makes sense to who I am. It can change from time to time, but I always tend to go with whatever part of me I’m feeling more.


Who or what do you channel when taking photographs?


I like to play and mix reality with dreams. But more than anything, I want to explore about things that I feel interested or intrigued by.


Film or digital?




What makes you happy?


Balance. I dream about new adventures, but I also love to stay home with a coffee and a book or a movie.


What’s next for you?


I have visual projects in mind, but what I’m trying to plan now is my next move in life. I want to keep traveling the world, but I’m also feeling like I want to settle. I just can’t decide where.

photography: maite pons

model: leanna filkin