Little Paris

chris devour

Chris is a 26-year-old photographer and graphic designer born in Oradea, Romania. Although he doesn’t believe in talent, besides taking photos, Chris is also an avid drum player. He likes to watch documentaries and listen to podcasts about different topics too.


How did you start with photography?


I started seriously considering photography about 4-5 years ago. Before that I was just experimenting. I guess my passion for it came at a younger age in the form of being fascinated with collecting different things and photos – thinking that taking photos would be the best way to actually hold on to a memory or a moment. My first project that I really loved was done back in 2010 with a dear friend of mine called Evelyn. She was one of my first models and I still love looking back on that project because it shaped my style.


What was the main inspiration for this shoot and how did it go?


To be completely honest, this shoot was really spontaneous. We did it in two different days – I was just finishing some work and I called Maria (from Avenue Models) to ask her if she was free to take some shots. We took some quick shots indoor and then the next day we decided to go for a walk around the centre of Bucharest. She is really expressive and I love the fact that she can express different feelings depending on the scene. Both times we met, it took less than 30 minutes to take these shots and they were exactly what I was looking for with her. She had this French looking vibe, so I guess that outdoor shoot was perfect for this as Bucharest is known as ‘Little Paris’. The main vibe was her. The rest was completed by the streets of Bucharest.


How do women affect your work?


I mostly take photos of women, so they are really important. I really love different emotions, different expressions and I believe the feminine beauty really leaves a mark on each shot. I don’t have one type of beauty that inspires me, it depends on the mood and on the idea, although, like I said most of the times it’s really spontaneous. I’m also really fascinated with body details. Lastly I would like to thank Roxana Neacsu for helping us with the indoor location at her place, and with clothes for the inside shoot.

photography: chris devour

model: maria balan