Agustín Armanino Méndez is a photographer and designer from Argentina. Agustín studied Audiovisual Design and Photography in Buenos Aires and he’s been shooting for a couple of years now.

How did the shoot with Lucila go and how do you approach these intimate shoots?

It was great, we shot in her house, it was a quiet and sunny day. My way to approach these intimate series is always the same, we talk about the kind of photos we’re gonna make, so everyone feels comfortable.

What is your best advice to those thinking about starting doing photography in 2017?

Just start. You can do whatever you want, it’s a great time for photography.

Your ideal morning?

Listening to The Velvet Underground.

Big city life vs. nature & wilderness?

Big city life. I like the nature, but I’m from Buenos Aires.

What are your plans and what’s next for you?

To keep on shooting. Right now I have like 20 rolls of film to develop so I hope to have lots of new material soon.