Armony Dailly is a 23-year-old self-taught photographer from the suburbs of Paris. She started taking photos when she was a child when her mom taught her. Since then, she’s never stopped taking pictures and found a deep passion for analogue photography. Most of the time she works with her girlfriends or girls she finds on the internet who inspire her. Armony studies cinema which explains her cinematic vision in the pictures she takes.

How did the idea for the shoot with Laura come about?

I met Laura on Facebook. I met her on this social network as she has been harassed because of a photo showing her body hair. She received many insults and was a victim of body shaming on the internet. When I heard this story I was immediately angry and touched by this because I decided myself a long time ago not to shave my body hair or just very rarely. After contacting her via Facebook, I went to Belgium where she lives to meet and photograph her. Laura is a very interesting and nice girl. When we were talking, it’d be like we were friends since forever. She invited me to her house, we spoke for a long time, ate and then we had the shoot. We were amazed by the sunlight reflected in the water. It was a really good moment.

Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?

Yes and I think this is really important because, still nowadays even in 2017, the female body is more than often fantasized, criticized, unfairly censored just because it has to conform to the society standards. I think it’s important to photograph the female body without any taboos. Women are made of different colors of skin, period, body hair, stretch marks, rolls, cellulite and there is no shame about that. There is no shame to be a woman and I think art can help to change that mentality.

What inspires you?

So many things! First of all, my best friends, they are the best thing that could happen to me. The way they think, their craziness, their open-mindedness, they are definitely the girls of my life and my muses. The music helps me a lot to feel and to have clear images and atmospheres in my head for photoshoots or videos. Also the complexities of the female body and the work of others female photographers.

How would you define beauty?

Intensity. I think when you see or live something so powerful that you are almost in tears and speechless, that’s beauty for me. It can be an altruistic action, movie scene, face, music, nature…

Film or digital?

200 % film! Actually, when I started photography it was with a DSLR, and I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t find my true self. Then I discovered the work of photographers who shoot with film cameras and the pictures were so raw and pure, so I decided to find a cheap film camera for myself. Film is so much more dreamy than digital I think, and it’s so exciting to wait and see how the photos turn out. The only constraint with film is, that it’s more expensive than digital.

What makes you happy and what’s next for you?

Dancing makes me so happy, I’d danced before I learned how to speak. The sky makes me happy: the stars, sunset, sunrise, and the way the colors change. When we are reunited with my friends around a table full of food and we can’t stop laughing. When I take photos, I feel happy and powerful. I’m not sure about what’s next for me because I’m a self-taught photographer and, even if I know this industry is complicated, I’ll never give up and I’m full of hope.