Albin Siggesson calls himself a ‘pretentious creator from Sweden who lives in Oslo, Norway’. He finds photography as one of his most dear ways to flee from the everyday-reality. With inspiration from the classics, he wants his work to last forever.

How did the idea for the series come about?

Me and Magnhild decided to shoot together again. I love to sleep in on the weekends, but this time we got up a little bit earlier. The early light hits the walls in my apartment – if you’re lucky – perfectly. We used the heavy contrast as an element for this series.

Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?

I do appreciate different outcomes from others, how we all see things in our own way. The Godess-like feeling, the pedestal and appreciation is what I prefer. Also if there’s a true and dear affection then you’ll see it in the result as well.

How would you define beauty and what inspires you?

The most individual question of them all. For me, a person shines brighter when they believe in themselves. Straight backs and a short distance to a smile. When you see others first and not yourself. Words and memories inspire me most. You can’t read one of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s books without noticing the small details in life. The overlooked, obvious errors and features that suddenly appear. And of course the work of my heroes: Peter Lindbergh, Man Ray, Karl Anton Björkman, Lukas Dvorak, Helmut Newton.

Film or digital?

I recently found the courage to start with film. I love the respect for film and the artistic touch. Digital fits my lack of patience perfectly though. Then I’ve got the full control. With film I can’t trust myself or the camera that much (which I feel is necessary) yet.

What makes you happy and what’s next for you?

Aah. This one’s tough. I might be happy when I feel accepted by my environment and the people around me so I can be myself to the fullest. I really want to have an exhibition soon, so that might be my next step! And yes, I’d love to see more of my work in peoples homes. On walls in general!