herbeautymag muses #8

Maja Petrovic is a 23-year-old model from Serbia. Maja loves elephants and dogs and although she’s from a small town, she has ambitions to achieve something big.


How did the shoot go?


Daniel (the photographer) is my boyfriend, so one day after waking up we got the idea to make something cool – and we did this shoot.


Do you think there’s a way for photographers/the industry to capture the female body in a more empowering way?


Sensuality begins in the head. They all can shoot a naked female body, but the most important thing comes from the inside, and I think we should focus more on that!


And what do you hope to achieve through your modelling?


I have a lot of plans, and modelling will hopefully help me to realise them.


What are your perceptions of beauty?


Beauty is a package of physical and mental attributes that melt into a person who is beautiful on the inside and out! Those who look for beauty will eventually find it.


Your ideal morning?


Waking up with somebody I love is my favourite feeling ever and it is surely my ideal morning.


What are your plans and what’s next for you?


First, thanks to herbeautymag for the continuous support. I have a lot of plans and can’t wait to see what’s next for me!

photography: daniel

model: maja petrovic at wonderwall milan