ami colberg

Ami Colberg is a dancer, choreographer and self-taught photographer based in Paris, France. She’s happy when she creates and have always been interested in photography – starting as a model but soon realised she feels better on the other side of the camera.


How did you became interested in photography?


I was always interested in photography. A few years ago I started to model, but very soon I realised that I am more comfortable while taking photos rather than being on them. During a shooting I met my boyfriend who is a photographer and then creating and working as a photographer started to become really serious.


How do you think being a dancer and choreographer changes the way you make photos?


I think it influences quite a lot of my photos. I get more conscious by analysing gestures and movement, therefore the poses, so sometimes I have a very precise idea about what I want and I like to give directions to the models I work with. Give a sense to a gesture, tell a story with an attitude, distort a body to find new perspectives. For me it’s a huge playground to explore the relationship between movement and photography.


Do you think it’s important to showcase your other creative outlets, like dancing, through photography?


Not really. Taking pictures of dancers in a situation when they dance is cool but personally it’s not what I look for.


What do you prefer – film or digital?


Mostly film and polaroid. I am more connected to film photography. Although sometimes digital is a perfect option, especially to go underwater or filming.


How did you planned the shoot and how did it go?


I wanted to shoot some nudes – something simple but powerful. Maria is traveling around the world, so when she came to Paris, I contacted her and made this series at home, on the couch, in the shower. I made different setups. I loved working with her, she is so cool, beautiful and natural, it was really fun.


Can we photograph the female body in a more powerful way?


I believe so! As a dancer I am working with my body. As a choreographer I use movement as a visual element in my films and photos. I love to experiment with transdisciplinary. Photographing a female body as a women is always an interesting experience. Between girls we can create a special atmosphere where everything is possible, with absolutely no harm. In each shooting I search for a certain truth and honesty.


So, what makes you happy and what’s next for you?


I am happy when I create. I have a lots of ongoing projects in the next few months, I’m working on a series of short films that I write and direct, it’s called I DANCE FOR YOU and involves upcoming models, and new artists in music, dance and art. I have some shootings too, and I hope to travel again soon.

photography: ami colberg

model: maria