Noemi Luque is a 22-year-old photographer based in London, UK. Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Noemi takes inspiration from the weird and wonderful things that compose the world we live in, giving them a simplicity and individuality of their own. This series is part of a bigger project called Ellos. The images aim to illustrate a vision of contemporary life and today’s youth culture captured through people and places.

How did the idea for the series come about?

Working on the Ellos project at the time I wanted to use this series to describe one of the characters I created for it, which is not too far from who Maria actually is as a person.

How did the shoot with Maria go?

It went very well, I have been friends with Maria for a while so we were both comfortable working together, as we had shot together before. I just turned up at her house, we had a quick chat about how we wanted this shoot to look and then started taking pictures while catching up on each-others lives.

Can we photograph the female body differently in a more powerful way?

I think the best way to capture the female body is with simplicity and where she feels most comfortable. It is never a good idea to force anything.

What inspires you?

I am mostly inspired by my surroundings, things and people I come across, and particularly other creatives and their work, whether they be my friends or people on different social media sites.

How would you define beauty?

Anything and anyone that causes a reaction to one’s senses. Very deep … I know.

Film or digital?

As long as I have the budget and a darkroom available to me, film always!

What makes you happy?

People, places, films, photographs.

What’s next for you?

My work has recently been selected for Graduate Fashion Week, so for now I am looking forward to seeing what opportunities that might bring. I plan to continue working with film photography and this fashion meets documentary style that I love. I have quite a few shoots and collaborations coming up.